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Always In Your Corner

In addition to our strong financial partners and unparalleled accessibility, Bankers Surety surpasses other bail bond surety companies with the level of vital services we provide to our bail agent partners. Thanks to our nationwide network of bond agents and industry professionals, we’ll be able to assist you with people and property searches, identifying recovery agents, attaching property liens, arranging for a transfer bond in any state that allows bail, and other related services.

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What Our Partners Say

“I use Bankers Surety because they are family, if I need anything, they are there for me. If they don’t have it, they will find it. They always ask the right questions, and do the right things.”

— Eddie

“Bankers professionalism, the way they handle business, and reputation speaks for itself. It’s like they’re in the office but not here, always acting as an extension of our team.”

— Brad

“Choose Bankers if you want loyalty and someone to take their shirt off their back to fight for you. With their online portal, the power of surety technology is in your hands.”

— Louie

“The online portal with Bankers makes my life easier. It’s very user friendly, and if I can’t find answer, the 24 hr service has been amazing.”

— Lidio

“In the world of Surety, Bankers is doing everything they can to preserve the industry.”

— Steven