How Do Bail Bond Insurance Companies Work?

Bail bond insurance companies are an essential part of the commercial bail industry. They work in partnership with bail bond agents to provide security bonds in lieu of bail so that people who have been charged with a serious crime can be released while they await trial. In most states, a judge will determine the amount of bail that an accused person, or suspect, must pay based on the nature of the crime and other factors. If the suspect cannot pay the full amount of bail, he or she will likely turn to a bail bond agent to post the bond, for which the bondsman will charge a percentage of the bail amount as a fee. Generally speaking, the court requires that the bondsman have enough assets to cover the bond amount in the event the suspect does not return to court for trial and all associated proceedings. This means bail agents who want to post as many bonds as possible to keep growing their business will need the backing of a bail bond insurance company.

How Bankers Surety Works for Bail Agents

Bankers Surety is one of the oldest and largest bail bond insurance companies in the nation. We take pride in offering fast and efficient service to our bail agent partners throughout the United States. If you’re a bail bondsman in search of a reliable bail insurance provider that also offers a wide assortment of services to help you grow your business, then make sure you consider Bankers Surety. Here are some of the ways our company stands out in the bail insurance industry:

  • Highly experienced executive leadership that will give your agent application prompt consideration
  • Competitive rates based on your experience and financial status
  • Speedy, knowledgeable responses 24/7 to requests for large bond approvals
  • Transfer bonds available in most jurisdictions
  • Electronic options for bond reporting and payments
  • Recovery assistance

For more information, contact Bankers Surety today. Or, if you’re ready to apply to be a Bankers Surety agent partner, fill out our convenient online application and one of our friendly staff members will be in touch promptly.