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A warning from Gov Susana Martinez (NM) on Bail Reform, Arnold Risk Assessment

05/02/2018   /   No Comments
Bail Reform message from governor
Governor Susana Martinez (NM) warns Utah about bail bond reform efforts, court rule changes without legislative input, and the use of the Arnold Foundation Risk Assessment Tool. Be sure to subscrib …

Employee Spotlight – Sin Crljic

03/06/2018   /   No Comments
Bail Employee Spotlight, Sin
With his commitment to Bankers Surety, Sin is a valuable team member for the West Team. With over 5 years experience, we are thrilled to highlight Sin Crljic, Team Lead for Bankers Surety, as our Spot …

Why the Court Ruled Bail Schedules are Constitutional and No Right to “Affordable Bail”

02/16/2018   /   No Comments
Court ruling determines Bail schedules are Constitutional. Bail Reform
For some time now, we in the bail industry have been hearing the rhetoric “bail is unconstitutional if someone cannot afford it”. Unfortunately, this has shifted the focus from bail reform to a d …

Three Steps to Take Today in the Fight Against Bail Reform

01/26/2018   /   5,374 Comments
Bail Reform is a process; a long, highly publicized, expensive process. It is easy for you to feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out your part in a fight that has spread across the entire United S …

California is Using Algorithms to Sentence Criminals

10/17/2017   /   4,569 Comments

Why Bankers Surety

09/20/2017   /   7,986 Comments

A Solar Eclipse Can’t Block Our View

08/24/2017   /   2,504 Comments

They May Mess with Texas but We Won’t Bail

08/16/2017   /   4,114 Comments

New Jersey Bail Reform: Mistake or Not?

08/10/2017   /   3,318 Comments

Bail Agents…Friend or Foe? We say FRIEND.

07/20/2017   /   4,251 Comments
Hand in handcuffs
Whether people believe it or not, you, our Bail agents, are there for those in a time of need. You are the first person they call when that unexpected, unfortunate phone call from a loved one comes th …