A Solar Eclipse Can’t Block Our View

We are not talking about the eclipse made famous by Bonnie Tyler – turn around, every now and then you may see a total eclipse of the sun.  This is a very rare event in the United States, fewer than 10 times per century some portions of the U.S. have a view of a total solar eclipse.

While the rarity of the event makes it a very cool prospect for us little people who have a total or partial view, the reality of this happening for the past millions of years makes you realize how much we take for granted.

You’ve put your glasses and view box away for the next extraordinary celestial moment,  you have the image of totality seared into your memory (and let’s hope just memory and not retina), and it’s time to return to an event that is not rare at all: the assault on bail.

Our friends in Utah have been the latest to be placed in the crosshairs of the bail reform. During the rarest of astronomic proceedings, the bail industry once again has a repeated event, repeated attack, repeated “reform”. The so called “horrors” of this reform resembles what you just witnessed, the moon covering the brightness of the sun. The bail reform is blocking all good things that bail has done for our country. Unlike the eclipse, where it’s only temporary, the bail reform is a permanent change that we feel should be fought.

As the country looked up, Bankers continues to look forward in our fight against anti-bail forces. Contact your local representative to prevent this from happening in Utah. If you’re curious how to contact your local representative or what to say, please check out our previous blog: Contact your representative and ask them to Vote No and Protect Bail.