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California is Using Algorithms to Sentence Criminals

10/17/2017   /   No Comments

Why Bankers Surety

09/20/2017   /   No Comments

A Solar Eclipse Can’t Block Our View

08/24/2017   /   No Comments

They May Mess with Texas but We Won’t Bail

08/16/2017   /   No Comments

New Jersey Bail Reform: Mistake or Not?

08/10/2017   /   No Comments

Bail Agents…Friend or Foe? We say FRIEND.

07/20/2017   /   No Comments
Hand in handcuffs
Whether people believe it or not, you, our Bail agents, are there for those in a time of need. You are the first person they call when that unexpected, unfortunate phone call from a loved one comes th …

Vote No and Protect Bail!

06/27/2017   /   No Comments
The time unfortunately has come … bail reform has hit California. Senate Bill 10 has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee with a 5-2 vote, posing a threat to all bail agents in California. …

If They Can’t Pay, They Don’t Stay?

02/17/2016   /   1 Comment
According to the ABQ Journal Online, an amendment might soon be passed that frees those who have a “financial inability” to post bail.  The ultimate conclusion sought after with this new amendmen …

Bail Reform – Who’s paying?

10/12/2015   /   No Comments
As bail reform begins its campaign across America, it's important to hear both sides of the story. While supporters of this reform will say they are saving tax payers $880,000, has anyone approving t …

Bail Reform: The Fear For Public Safety

09/04/2015   /   No Comments
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If someone commits a crime and is afforded the opportunity to be released on bail, wouldn’t it be foolish to remove the one piece of the puzz …